At legal eagles and empire group, we talk to people every day about what they want from their careers. While times change, what people want stays the same – they want to be happy and enjoy a challenge in their work. Life’s too short not to enjoy your job, and the people you work with.

So it’s no surprise that legal eagles and empire group staff work in a flexible, friendly team environment, which celebrates success, and ensures that we have fun as well. With an inspirational leadership team, and the guidance of our managing partners, you’ll get all the support, autonomy and flexibility you need to be great at your job.

There’s a real team spirit here, we’re driven and dedicated, and always strive to make every day positive. Our managing partners appreciate the work our people do, and our remuneration structure, which is above that of our competitors, reflects this appreciation and acknowledgement.

Word is spreading of legal eagles and empire group’s success and our great work culture. That means we’ve managed to entice some of Australia’s best and most successful recruiters to our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

We just keep growing and growing, and always have a great range of opportunities for experienced and highly personable recruitment consultants. If you’re driven and self-motivated, and genuinely want to be part of a cohesive and successful team, then we can offer you the support to succeed.

Legal eagles and empire group really are great and unique place to work. Get in touch today, speak to our staff, and experience what its like to work in a team where power of great people makes all the difference. Contact legal eagles now.